With or Without Images

When you aren’t able to see the images on the Columbia home page, the website ends up becoming useless. The menu still functions alright, but the website loses any flavor or personality it may have had. The pictures that exemplify what this college is all about are gone. This website heavily depends on it’s pictures to convey a message, and that message is not conveyed without those images. Also, while you do still get the main content without the images, some of the images missing do carry information that the copy doesn’t. I think that you shouldn’t have to be able to use a website without it’s images because pictures can convey a message to someone in a different way that a bunch of words can. It’s 2017, if your website is solely just a bunch of copy, you won’t be able to keep someone’s attention- especially if it’s a school website! I feel like the majority of people prefer more pictures and less text more and more so as the years go on.

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